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Quest Arrest Physical copies & merch
Feel free to pick up a physical copy of the game here: To start, I'd like to say I am making this post for educationa...
Quest Arrest Android Beta
On the eve of the Quest Arrest Physical Release , I am announcing the release of the Quest Arrest Android app ! The app is now in its beta form only because sav...
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Quest Arrest Android
Quest Arrest will be receiving not only a physical release, but also a release on the Google play store. With that being said, I would like to share my privacy...
Quest Arest 1.1 update
Quest Arrest 1.1 is here! So excited to finally give this rom to the public. Updates include: -Added ladder scene -Added torture scene for bad cop -Added inter...
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Quest Arrest PC now available!
Quest Arrest is now available for Windows! I am excited to announce that Quest Arrest has been ported to run on Windows. The port was made possible by advice g...
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First post!
I have finally released Quest Arrest! After 8 months of development I can finally post it. It has been an amazingly humbling experience and I would not trade it...
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Last post
That is a good question! It is completely up to you! The people of the town will treat you differently based upon the ch...
started by TheRetroRoomRoo Feb 29, 2020
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This was my first play through for the game, and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I love crime games of all kinds. Altho...
started by Furea_Ikatteiru Nov 07, 2020
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Feel free to pick up a physical copy of the game here: To start, I'd like to say I am...
started by TheRetroRoomRoo Oct 12, 2020
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I donno how hard this is to repro, but I got Athena to deal out credibility over and over, right after I saw her at the...
started by RikOclon Jun 06, 2020
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I come to all of you from Texas, United States. As many of you may know we are seeing protesting over the horrible murde...
started by TheRetroRoomRoo Jun 04, 2020
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